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Delicious Diet Delivered

Maverick’s Meal is first of its kind in Pune city to provide a clean diet with well planned distribution of macros and doing justice to your taste buds.


The Best Food-Line. To make it easy being an athlete, the most difficult task is to find healthy & tasty food when it is needed. The idea of Maverick's Meals is gonna make it very simple in all ways. Now our efforts and workouts will never go wasted as Maverick's is gonna take care of our results by providing perfect and high-in-nutrients value meals (Indeed a Delicious Value Meal it is)

Tushar Gaikwad (International athlete, Men's sports physique model, Taekwondo International champion, Black belt holder)

Maverick’s diet plan is based on maintaining all macros, e.g. healthy ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and minerals. Our diet plans are based on 1200-1400 and 1600-1800 calories per day which is the daily requirement of a healthy person.

The ingredients used to prepare meals are from their best sources, e.g. Carbohydrates are from Ragi, whole wheat and multigrain that are moderate/low glycemic index keeping the insulin levels minimum (but not drastically low) throughout the day.

We follow all natural diet and focus on maintaining nutrition by adding twist of taste in our meals which won’t make you feel that you are following any calories restricted diet.

Our diet plans have been designed by Dr. Prashant Madane who is a well-known internationally certified trainer, dietician and bodybuilder himself. He has trained many national and international athletes and his designed diets have benefitted many famous bodybuilders, models (males and females), wrestlers and athletes. He doesn’t believe in following harsh or fad diets or going against the natural laws of the body. He believes in easy and tasty diet plans which maintain healthy ratio of carbs , proteins, fat and fiber. According to him regular physical exercise is equally important along with proper diet to remain fit and

Chicken Breast


Proteins are from chicken, eggs, cottage cheese, black beans, greek yoghurt etc. Having the best bioavailability. Soybeans are avoided absolutely in our diet plans due to its adverse effect on male hormones and ability to interrupt in muscle synthesis process.

Olive Oil


Fats(used in required quantity only) are from olive oil and flex seeds that are full of omega 3-6-9 . They are required for healthy functioning of heart by maintaining cholesterol levels and help in fat loss also.

Low Calorie Salad


Fiber requirement is fulfilled from nutritious vegetables, fruits and greens providing minerals and vitamins also.



Carbs are the raw material to power your body to work throughout the day. Complex carbohydrates having low glycemic index like whole grains atta (raagi, jowar, whole wheat, buckwheat etc) and Oats are excellent for providing energy all through the day.

How it works

Choose Plan

Check out our Plans & Pricing. Decide on a diet plan and the duration of service. If you have your own diet plan we can accommodate that also.

Place Order

Call or Whatsapp (+91) 737-845-3215 to place your order. If you have any allergy, medical issue or dietary restrictions let us know.

Meal Delivered

Meals will be delivered* in microwave safe containers to you every morning, 6 days a week (Sunday excluded).

*Delivery within 10 kms of Baner.

*10% delivery charges outside Baner, Balewadi, Aundh.


If I have certain dietary restrictions, can they be accommodated?

Yes. When you give a call to us you can let us know about your dietary restrictions.

Are the meals frozen or half cooked?

All maverick’s meals and menu items are delivered fresh, fully-cooked, and ready-to-eat. Our containers are microwave safe.
If you are not eating any meal immediately, then you must keep them in the refrigerator and heat them before eating.
Food items that are best enjoyed cold should be removed from the containers prior to heating.

How are vegetarian meals prepared?

Care is taken that vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are cooked in separate utensils on separate cooking tops.

How often are the deliveries made?

Meals are delivered only once in the morning before breakfast. Meals can be safely kept in the refrigerator and used when required. Just heat and eat.

Who can receive the meal delivery?

You don’t have to personally be there to receive the meal delivery. Anyone can receive the delivery for you.

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